Monday, June 18, 2012



The title was meant to shock you. I didn't relapse. I still feel the way I have always felt. My (mis)fortunes, on the other hand, have relapsed. Joiedevivre finally has seen the joie dans la vivre. To cut a long, convoluted but exciting story short, I have ajob. And I am back in Lagos.

You see, God answers prayers. It might not be how you want him to answer it, but he does. Yup, he does. I  have only you guys to thank because when I couldn't pray for myself, the thoughts and hopes of all of you went up to Him and he heard. And here I am.

My job comes with a powerful-sounding title ( senior management), a car, a house, 10% commission on whatever I bring in, and equity. Plus I am working in a very positive culture. I am grateful.

I am going to stop here so you can ask me whatever it is you want to know, and I will tell you. I have one question though, where is Asha?