Monday, June 18, 2012



The title was meant to shock you. I didn't relapse. I still feel the way I have always felt. My (mis)fortunes, on the other hand, have relapsed. Joiedevivre finally has seen the joie dans la vivre. To cut a long, convoluted but exciting story short, I have ajob. And I am back in Lagos.

You see, God answers prayers. It might not be how you want him to answer it, but he does. Yup, he does. I  have only you guys to thank because when I couldn't pray for myself, the thoughts and hopes of all of you went up to Him and he heard. And here I am.

My job comes with a powerful-sounding title ( senior management), a car, a house, 10% commission on whatever I bring in, and equity. Plus I am working in a very positive culture. I am grateful.

I am going to stop here so you can ask me whatever it is you want to know, and I will tell you. I have one question though, where is Asha?



  1. Sooooooo happy for you. A house and a car. Thank God!!

    I have also been wondering where Asha is, I am officially worried.

  2. Hey Layo,
    There's nothing to be worried about, really.I believe she has decided to disappear because her anonymity has been compromised. I miss her though. It was just too sudden.

  3. Glad u r back and things are looking up. Did u take ur daughter with you?

  4. Nope, MS, I did not take her. My plan was to bring her when things are sorted but that plan changed. My parents especially my dad cant bear for her to be I am not allowed to take her. For now, at least.

  5. Amazing, amazing! Really happy to hear that. Congrats!! Praise God!

    Do you like the job? How did you get it? How long have you been working there? What do you do?

  6. Hey Hey ... Welcome back. Good to know you are ok and even better to know you have sorted out everything with work and accommodation. How u been hanging and whats the general with you?

    Your daughter is doing fine I guess? Give her a shout from all of us over here in virtual land.

    Have you seen the movie snatch? There is this guy called Boris the blade aka boris the bullet dodger. I think you draw a lot of similarities with that character :)


  7. am so glad you are doing great and everything is working out,that's really good news...i miss asha too she just disappeared...

  8. Awww, Jemima. HUGS.
    Owi, I am like Boris the blade? That unsavoury character? But I get what you mean though;)

    1. lol nah I mean it in a good way. Like he just keeps coming back no matter whats hits him.

      why you leaving blogspot?

  9. Hi Owi, Blogspot is problematic. You cannot update your blog from most devices and even on pc it has its days. I can be more regular on wordpress.